Best SEO Companies In Nigeria

You are possibly searching for the appropriate SEO in Nigeria that will provide your marque the so much desired online publicity and attention specifically by helping your website rank on the google first page. If you are attempting to find the suitable brand for you, examine these agencies to assist you.

Nowadays, each SEO agency brags about being able to do this, but the reality is that not all SEO agencies are stating the truth and not all of them provides a splendid and exceptional job.

The aim of ranking on the first page on google is to grow your website’s traffic and online advertising performance metric; nevertheless, over 200 factors figure out the ranking of your website. This is the reason you have to deliberate on numerous number of things when selecting the SEO firm to work with.

The appropriate approach includes a number of work which comprises of building links, analysis of vital or key words, SEO campaign, online and offline SEO, just to state a few. Nevertheless, some agencies have able to utilise these tactics constantly over time and this has gotten them increased status in the SEO field.

Grounded on this, a list of high quality SEO agencies in Nigeria has been complied together. Remarkably, there are several SEO agencies that provide prodigious effects nevertheless not all could satisfy the benchmarks utilised in ranking them.

The agencies chosen have an established known achievement value of providing outstanding SEO services. But an outstanding feature that is pronounced about them all is the fact that every one of them rank on first page of google for terms search associated to preeminent or topmost SEO agencies in Nigeria. This basically implies that they exercise what they address and our estimation is that if they are able to acquire rank on Google’s first page, they can produce like results for their clienteles.


Zeodigital is not fixated solely on SEO but other facets of digital marketing viz. content marketing and

Social media marketing are also included in their services.

Zeodigital seem like a great choice if a complete online marketing firm is what you desire. Their attractive web design makes it stress-free for prospective clienteles to select them not for SEO as it is easy to navigate through their site. Optimization of local business, white label consulting, optimization of conversion rate, quality backlink generation and SEO auditing are inclusions of the SEO services they offer.

Furthermore, they provide SEO training: this is an extra benefit if you fancy a domestic SEO professional, in this instance, you or your staff can be taught. Also, their blog displays their proficiency not just in SEO but other facets of digital marketing. They give a monthly report which help you monitor your website traffic and conversion rate as well as competitor analysis report which can assist to update your digital policy further.

In conclusion, their clienteles appear not to hold any grievances as regards the value of their SEO services as can be seen on their evaluations and review.



This company is self-acclaimed to be the top SEO Company in Nigeria. They even pledged their potential clienteles the first spot on the first page of google. While we are a tad doubtful about their capability to realise that, we are of the opinion that if their home page could have the utmost position for keywords concerning “topmost/finest SEO agencies in Nigeria”, then they are definitely likely to fulfil their promise.

They also present services in social media marketing as an inclusion to SEO. Nevertheless, they appear more like a SEO agency than everything otherwise. Optimization of local business, white label consulting, optimization of conversion rate, quality backlink generation and SEO auditing are inclusions of the SEO services they offer.

Established on our discoveries, their clienteles are placed pretty above others on the first page of google. This additionally authenticates their position as one of the best SEO firms in Nigeria. They do not consent to all patrons that bid for their services which we consider permits them to concentrate on a particular amount of clienteles periodically in mandate to hold onto providing a great class job.


Outrank them is another SEO agency in Nigeria. It is popularly said that it is pre-eminent that your SEO crew is included in building your website and it is evident that Outrank Them comprehends this idea. We are of the opinion this is the reason why they comprised web design as part of their services.

So building your website and implementing SEO is just your aim, this agency will definitely be a great choice for you to consider.

Nevertheless they seem quite selective of the firms companies they work with some definite criteria have to be met ahead you bidding or demanding for their services.


Crankdigital is not fixated solely on SEO but other facets of digital marketing viz. content marketing and

Social media marketing are also included in their services.

They also collaborate with Singapore web design agency which makes them a very good choice for single or collaborate establishment that is at the preliminary stage of online marque building and visibility.

Crankdigital appear like a great choice if a complete online marketing firm is what you desire. Their attractive web design makes it stress-free for prospective clienteles to select them not for SEO only but also for their web design expertise.

Furthermore, they provide SEO training: this is an extra benefit if you fancy a domestic SEO professional, in this instance, you or your staff can be taught. Also, their blog displays their proficiency not just in SEO but other facets of digital marketing.

In conclusion, their clienteles appear not to hold any grievances as regards the value of their SEO services as can be seen on their evaluations.


Skill patron provides an open and gratis SEO scoring tool for key words that permits you to assess keywords that your site is attempting to rank for. However, their system appear to have a bug when we attempted to utilise this tool.

Their periodic reports helps to enlighten you about how thriving your website is performing in relations to website traffic flow and rate of conversion. They also provide services in site auditing and competitor analysis report which can assist to update your digital policy further.

They provide dissimilar services outside their SEO activity. Nevertheless, due to our inability to find confirmations and criticisms on their websites, there might be a need to contact the in order to authenticate their track record.


For this topmost SEO organization, their free web page audit service is one of the chief marketing ideas as well as the free SEO consultation to prospective clienteles.

Dptrax offers an all-inclusive choice of digital marketing service which comprises email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and their exclusive SEO service

They also comprise web design alongside the variety of services they provide and they appear to be a full-size digital organization.

They appear to have exceptional confirmations as regards their services from their past clients (individuals and corporate organizations). This further expounds the reason why they are among the list of the top in town when we talk of SEO.


In Nigeria, one more best SEO service supplier is CK Digital. Aside of their wide-ranging variety of digital marketing facility provisions, CK Digital particularly provides SEO facility for e-commerce websites

A numerous range of instance studies are present to reinforce their capability to deliver on their pledge to rank your website on the first page of Google which would assist in your web traffic rise and conversion.

SEO Nigeria

This is one of the best SEO agencies whose services comprises of web design and other digital marketing facilities in conjunction with their service collection. SEO Nigeria likewise offers a periodic report on SEO which assists you to keep record of your marketing hard work and appraise your revenues on investment (ROI).

The duration of their SEO service design for clienteles varies from four month to a year.

Nevertheless, due to the unavailability of confirmation and criticism, we were not able to confirm the state of the clientele’ approval of their services


This is a complete digital service organization that concentrate on small and middle sized businesses. This corporation is a principal SEO solutions firm that has no bounds to the magnitude of the business they work with. No matter the size of the scale, Bluegeek is self-confident to expand the ROI of their clienteles.

Their provision of free e-books for both their clienteles and contemporaries in the trade is an indication of their thirst for the SEO facet.

Their website is attractive to the eyes and they provide web design service in conjunction to administration services. In this instance, if you lack the extravagance of time to sustain and build your website, Bluegeek appears to be a very good choice for you on the long run. You can utilize thing along with their SEO facility provision.

In addition, Bluegeek offers instance examination on how they have been able to rank their clienteles for important keywords on the first page of Google.

CFA Nigeria

This widely known SEO Company is owned by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata otherwise called CFA. This organization is one of the best SEO organizations with a confirmed track record in providing SEO services. The agency blog offer properly studied and established guidance on SEO and digital marketing tactics.


It is very crucial to bear in mind that engaging the service of any of these best SEO agencies does not spontaneously assure the end result you anticipate. This is due to the reason that SEO is just a facet out of the numerous facets of digital marketing.

Your decision of an agency would be subject to what you aim to accomplish.

For example, if your aim is to just build a website, it is well advisable to opt for an agency that comprises of web design in its facility provision. Or if you desire to implement a vigorous digital marketing strategy in your business, any of the full sized firms should be on your choice.

In addition, if you would also get trained or permit your staff to get trained on the SEO tactics, then it is essential to communicate with one of the SEO agencies that offers training as part of its services. This is if you don’t desire that the SEO agency just offer solutions.

In a model situation, this list should help you in discovering the precise agency that would efficiently satisfy your SEO desires.

How Search Engine Works

In this article we are going to understand how Search Engine works.

 What is Search Engine?

  • Search Engine is a software system that is designed to search information on World Wide Web.
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing are most used search engines.
  • An Estimated 70% to 80% internet user use Google as Search Engine and 30% to 20% internet user use other Search Engines.

Other search Engines Like Ask, WOW, Webcrawler, mywebsearch etc.

Search Engine Working

Search Engines have mainlythree major functions:

  1. Crawling [Reading the source code]
  2. Building an index [Categorizing the website]
  3. Providing search users themost relevant websites based on Ranking Algoritym
  1. Crawling [Reading the Source code]

There are already millions of website in world and new websites are being launched every day.

Very first thing Search Engine will do is crawling. Crawling means reading the source code of your website.

If you want to read the source code of any website manually then just right click on any page of website and choose Source code or press Ctrl U and it will display the source code of that particular page. After reading the source code [Crawling], Search Engine will store the data on Search Engine Local server.

  1. Building the Index:

After scrolling, indexer will play its role. It will collect the data from Local server and index the website. That means school website will be indexed in school category and Hotel website will be indexed in School category.

 This step is like arranging crore of websites in systematic way in different categories.

After Indexing all data will be stored in main server.

  1. Showing websites based Search Query: Ranking Algorithms

Now when any user finds any information using keywords, Google will display websites based on its ranking Algorithms. Ranking Algorithms are guidelines of search engines. Every search engine has different guidelines.

Today the most important parameter for ranking is Content. Content is the King.

Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing Jobs and Career opportunities:

It is expected that Digital Marketing will create almost 20 thousand jobs in next three years.

Following are the various job profiles for you in Digital Marketing:


  • Social Media Analyst

Social media includes platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter etc. Social media platforms are very important in Digital Marketing. Every company needs a Social media expert who can manage their social profiles like Facebook pages, plan social media Strategy and increase the awareness of a Brand through regular sharing of information via text, images, videos etc.

  • PPC Analyst

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube provides us the facility to target customers through paid ads. Google and Facebook are very convenient to use and helps to target most relevant customers using very easy but so many tools inside Facebook and Google.

So companies hire expert hands on PPC advertising who can analyse and understand target market using cheaper PPC ads.

  • Content Marketing Executive

Website designer and SEO experts require good quality contents for website for better user experience and to rank website on search engine with the help of SEO tools like On-page and Off-Page optimization. This quality data is provided by Content Marketing Executive. Content Marketing Executive should have good writing skills in English.

  • Digital Marketing Executive

A Digital Marketing executive may work on many activities at the same time

  • Online Reputation Executive:

This profile is to promote and maintain the reputation of company. It includes interacting with potential clients on all digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

  • Freelance Digital Marketer:

After certain years of experience, you can take Projects from market on yourself. In this profile, if you know how to build a website then it is an advantage else you can outsource web development job and do all Digital Marketing on your own and charge from Client as per no of hours spent on promotions.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

You can Work as an Affiliate marketer in any agency or earn money by selling the products of Big brands like Amazon, Flipkart etc

  • E-mail marketing

Although Email marketing has become less effective these days comparing with other digital marketing tools but still it is much better than traditional ads. These are so many challenges in Email marketing like delivering the email in Inbox, making Automatic Email campaign strategy and structure of Email using HTML and others
You can make career in Email marketing, learn to create a converting Email layout, the open rate optimize, and get a Job in reputed company or Digital marketing company.

  • Blogging: New way of making Money even from Home

A blog is a personal online platform where you provide information about one or many topics in which you have knowledge. It helps the reader to know about any topic, machine, Equipment or books absolutely free. This generates traffic to your website. Now when you start getting more traffic then you can put advertisement of other companies on your blog to make money.

If you have good command in Language then you can make career in Blogging. Find your niche and start writing and make yourself a Brand.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine optimization is the process of using tools and techniques (On-Page and Off-Page) to rank your website or content on search engines.

In other words, It is the process of getting more traffic from the free, organic, or natural search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing

Search Engine will rank and display website and contents as per the relevancy of the contents. There are many factors which will help in optimising your website ranking in a search engine. You will learn all tools and factors in your classes.

Every company needs SEO professionals who can rank their website in Top of the search  engines, You can fill the position of SEO expert in any organization.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing coaching in Lagos

If you don’t advertise your products and services, only you know what you are doing.

When you are running a business, you have to create awareness among the target customers or potential customers about the benefits of your products and services.

For promotion, you can either opt for traditional ways of advertisement like pamphlets, News paper ads, TV ads , Radio ads or hoardings all over the city. These tools have been effective enough in past but very costly too.

Now in this new era of Internet when more and more people have started using Internet, people can find any information regarding any product and services via google or website of company. So, people have started looking for information in their hands using Laptop, Mobile etc.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also referred as internet marketing, web marketing or online marketing.

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing your products or services with the help of Internet. You can use any of digital tools like Email, search engines, social media, website or apps to advertise your products and services. If you use any of these tools to advertise your products then this will be called Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Now-a-days, if your business is not on Internet, then your business will be out of business very soon. We believe that if you are running a business then you have to advertise your business to target customers and potential customers. So you keep of finding new ways of reaching to the most potential customers with cheaper and effective marketing tools. So, traditional ways of marketing via newspaper and TV ads don’t serve the purpose.

Digital marketing is very cheaper source of advertising your brand via ads on Facebook, Google, Linkdin, youtube and search engines etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

    1. Provides easy access of information to clients.


  • Comparatives it is very cheaper to traditional marketing
  • Connect with most potential customers without wastage of money
  • Increase business opportunities as ads are done digitally across city, states or country


Scope for Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing:

Following are the various key points which will help you to decide ample opportunities in Digital Marketing.

  1. Maximum brands have now started Digital tools to market their business.
  2. There are so many digital tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin,  e-mail, SEO, SMM, Banner ads, Pay per click, voice broadcast, blogging, video streams, podcasting, wireless text messaging and instant messaging etc which Business don’t want to handle itself.
  3. To meet the requirements, Business need to either recruit more people to handle digital marketing tools or they have to hire Digital Marketing agencies or Freelance service providers.
  4. You can work as Content Marketer, Data Analyst, Social Media Analyst, PPC Analyst, Digital Marketing Executive, Content Marketing Executive, Freelance Digital Marketer, Online Reputation Executive and many more job profiles.

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