How Search Engine Works

In this article we are going to understand how Search Engine works.

 What is Search Engine?

  • Search Engine is a software system that is designed to search information on World Wide Web.
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing are most used search engines.
  • An Estimated 70% to 80% internet user use Google as Search Engine and 30% to 20% internet user use other Search Engines.

Other search Engines Like Ask, WOW, Webcrawler, mywebsearch etc.

Search Engine Working

Search Engines have mainlythree major functions:

  1. Crawling [Reading the source code]
  2. Building an index [Categorizing the website]
  3. Providing search users themost relevant websites based on Ranking Algoritym
  1. Crawling [Reading the Source code]

There are already millions of website in world and new websites are being launched every day.

Very first thing Search Engine will do is crawling. Crawling means reading the source code of your website.

If you want to read the source code of any website manually then just right click on any page of website and choose Source code or press Ctrl U and it will display the source code of that particular page. After reading the source code [Crawling], Search Engine will store the data on Search Engine Local server.

  1. Building the Index:

After scrolling, indexer will play its role. It will collect the data from Local server and index the website. That means school website will be indexed in school category and Hotel website will be indexed in School category.

 This step is like arranging crore of websites in systematic way in different categories.

After Indexing all data will be stored in main server.

  1. Showing websites based Search Query: Ranking Algorithms

Now when any user finds any information using keywords, Google will display websites based on its ranking Algorithms. Ranking Algorithms are guidelines of search engines. Every search engine has different guidelines.

Today the most important parameter for ranking is Content. Content is the King.

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