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Join The First 1,000 (One Thousand) Nigerians To Own The First Industry That Shall Be Established In Nigeria, Through Netcontacts

How can we the masses of Nigerians, who represents about 99% of Nigeria's above 180 million population continue to surrender the solemn task of building industries throughout Nigeria completly in the hands of our political ruling class and rich elites, who represent only about 1%? We have been giving these 1% privilege few Nigerians enough unmerited credits too long for blaming them in not establishing factories and industries etc. throughout Nigeria. Join the first one thousand Nigerians to own ...
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Promise Davidson

Hello, welcome to Netcontacts. I am one of Netcontacts administrators. For the last 8 years of my life, I solely devoted my time and money in trying to innovate a legitimate means of making money online for Nigerians...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netcontacts genuine?

Yes, Netcontacts is 100% genuine.

Will I make money here?

Yes, you will make money.

Would I be receiving monthly payments?

Yes, you would be receiving monthly payments for life, if you invest in Netcontacts units tokens...

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Let's establish an industry together

Every developed country has a strong industrial presence. The scarcity or lack of industries in our cities and towns is one major reason high level of unemployment is ravaging the Nation. Get-Rich-Quick mentality has completely failed to move the entire nation forward. Every enduring success of any...

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Let's sponsor ourselves in school together

One major challenge to starting businesses as students remains the capital. The money to invest in a business might not be the problem now, if a group of students should start up a particular business. Instead of depositing your semester feeding money in the bank and be gradually withdrawing from ...

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Let's invest in farming business together

Nigeria with about 180 million people daily import foods to feed its growing population. Our popular rural-urban migration mentality left the task of feeding the entire nation to the old and few remaining rural dwellers. Some people still see farming as a poor people's work or are afraid of manual ...

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Let's build a house together

In Nigeria, unfortunately there is no a robust mortgage system. Otherwise, with a proper mortgage plan one could own his or her rented house after the house rent payment for 20 years or more. If we do a little calculation on how much money we could spend on house rent over a period of 20 years. It ...

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Let's host football cup competition together

In developed countries their governments or private institutions always host sport competitions every season, to encourage sports developments. Unfortunately, it is not done in Nigeria. But what stops respective sports teams eg. football, basket ball, table tennis etc. from contributing money to ho...

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Let's start JAMB Computer Based Testing(CBT) center together

JAMB CBT investment is a hot investment. You might not be able to start JAMB CBT center alone, but you could form a group of people to invest in one CBT center. Besides JAMB exam, the CBT center if located close to a tertiary institution could be used for the institution's POST UTME. And also be use...

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Let's sponsor ourselves abroad together

Money is the only reason some of us might not have the experience of visiting the western world in our life time. Hardly you will meet a rich man who has not traveled abroad at least once. In Netcontacts, we will form a group of people interested in travelling to their choice countries. Then we ana...

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Let's start a school together

In life each one of us have different passions. There are some people who's passion is a special love for children's education. They believe children deserve a better educational system than the ones being offered by the school established in their locality. Even some of us who are already teaching ...

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Let's render a social services together

Render a selfless services for public good today. There could be a dirty public place or indiscriminate refuse dumb site or blocked drainage channel in your area. Organize other concern Nigerians to clean it up. Form a group to visit motherless babies home today.

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Let's suppoprt a personality for a political office

If people who on their own choose to contest for political positions are not delivering the dividend of democracy, we so much desire. Then let us encourage or sponsor certain personalities we think can give us a better representations.

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Let's champion a cause together

The are so many cause you could form groups to champion for humanity or mother earth e.g. planting of trees, polio eradication or gender equality etc.

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Let's build shops together

If there is a particular business location that no shops building is currently available, and you think the location could be viable place for your business. Then form a group of people who will contribute money to build a shop building in the location. And each person in the group will have a shop...

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Let's shoot a music together

The cost of music production and marketing is very high. This makes it difficult for a new musician to afford alone. And not every music producers or marketers would be willing to undertake the job of producing and marketing for person who is not already a reigning music star. So, the best option f...

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Let's shoot a movie together

Do you see yourself as a person who has the talent of becoming a home movies star? Well, sorry to tell you that in Nigeria talents alone is not enough for you to break into competitive industry like Nolly Wood. Connections might be the first thing you need in country like Nigeria, Sometimes you nee...

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Let's host a talent competition

Amazing talents abound in Nigeria, but there are very few channels for people to express them. Every day our youth continue to work very hard in developing their respective talents whether in singing, dancing, comedy, drama and sports etc. But Nigeria environment never gave the majority of them a ...

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Let's support a football team together

Life is about doing things that make us generally happy as a people. Being involve in things that unit us make us a human being. Football is one of man's inventions that has united more people of different races, tribes, religion on the earth. Here you will join other football fans of your club.

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Let's host a beauty queen contest together

Ladies, do any of you remember ever looking yourself at the mirror and a thought flashed in your mind that if there were a beauty queen contest in your city/town that you would have surely won it. Well you are not alone, because some other girls in city could also share the same feelings. So, let's...

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Let's Predict football betting games together

In Nigeria football betting has become very popular. Life is all about a game of luck. Every time we hear of somebody who just won big money from football betting. We continue betting and wishing that one day soon that person that would win the next big money from betting could be us. So every day ...

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