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Honestly, we share money in this website. While most websites create online platforms to share pictures and messages only; we create where people could share money, plus pictures and messages. Money makes all the difference in life...

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Welcome to the easiest and most sustainable way, you could make money from internet. No qualification or experience is needed. Here you could make quick money online, even if you are already employed, job applicant or student.

Let's Do It Together

Do you know how much we could accomplish, if we work together as one big family in Nigeria? We, just us - the masses. If all of us could join our ideas and money to implement collective goals. Netcontacts is introducing working together...

Let's Sponsor Ourselves In School Together

One major challenge to starting businesses as students remains the capital. The money to invest in a business might not be the problem now, if a group of students start up a particular business. Instead of depositing your semester feeding money in the bank and be gradually withdrawing from it to feed, invest it and be feeding from the returns on the investment. Who says you cannot be involved in businesses, when you are in regular academic programme. Remember some Nigerians who traveled abroad for schooling did part-time jobs to sustained themselves. Form a group to invest in campus businesses like: Keke, bus, restaurant, business center, barbing salon beauty salon etc.

Let's Sponsor Ourselves Abroad Together

Money is the only reason some of us might not have the experience of visiting the western world in our life time. Hardly you will meet a rich man who has not traveled abroad at least once. In Netcontacts, we will form a group of people interested in travelling to their choice countries. Then we analyse plans and brain storm options to make us visit our choice countries.

Let's Build A House Together

In Nigeria, unfortunately there is no a robust mortgage system. Otherwise, with a proper mortgage plan one could own his or her rented house after the house rent payment for 20 years or more. If we do a little calculation on how much money we could spend on house rent over a period of 20 years. It will surprise you that that sum of money could build a complete house somewhere. But the challenge is how could we save such money once. No, you do not have to build a whole house yourself for now, if you cannot afford it. Join a group of people to buy a pieces of land and build a house on it. Then you could own a room, self-contain, flat etc in it. It is better to own your own room, than to be paying rents every year. Nobody will contest your room with you with proper documentations.

Let's Host Football Cup Competition Together

In developed countries their governments or private institutions always host sport competitions every season, to encourage sports developments. Unfortunately, it is not done in Nigeria. But what stops respective sports teams eg. football, basket ball, table tennis etc. from contributing money to host a competition for their respective sports. If each football players in a team contribute money for their team in a particular town and other football teams do so from neighboring towns. And the teams from all the towns combine the money to host a football cup competition in that zone, local government or state.

Let's Start JAMB Computer Based Testing(CBT) Center Together

JAMB CBT investment is a hot investment. You might not be able to start JAMB CBT center alone, but you could form a group of people to invest in one CBT center. Besides JAMB exam, the CBT center if located close to a tertiary institution could be used for the institution's POST UTME. And also be used for JAMB and POST UTME candidate CBT preparatory classes.

Let's Charter POST UTME/JAMB Exam Bus Together

A group of prospective POST UTME or JAMB candidates who lives in the same town/city and will be attending their POST UTME or JAMB on the same day and the same institution or town could contribute money to charter one bus that will convey them to and fro. This will be less costly, more convenient and safer. It is recommended that JAMB lessen centers or any interested persons should embark on the business of organizing students and chartering bus to convey them to their JAMB or POST UTME exam.

Let's Look For POST UTME Temporary Accommodation Together

During POST UTME exams in various institutions some POST UTME candidates who do not have somebody in those institutions find it difficult to see a temporary accommodation to pass the night. Students or any interested persons who are close to those institutions should render this service to prospective POST UTME/JAMB candidates by providing them temporary accommodation at a fee.

Let's Buy Land Together

Always having means to seize opportunities when they surfaces are they ways of the rich. There could be a pieces of land for sale at a good location with an appealing offer. And you would love to buy it, but could not afford it. Despite you know the same land could cost more than twice it current price in few years. But, you do not have all the money to pay for it immediately and no nobody to borrow from. Then buy the land in a group. You could sell your share, if you want when the price appreciates.

Let's Invest In Transportation Business Together

The truth about investing in transportation industry is that with good management it could start yielding returns on the first day it commenced operation. Instead of depositing that money in the bank, find people who are interested in investing in transportation business. Transportation business investment might not be capital intensive. Because there are many categories of investment eg: Keke. taxi, bus, coastal bus etc.

Let's Invest In Farming Business Together

Nigeria with about 180 million people daily import foods to feed its growing population. Our popular rural-urban migration mentality left the task of feeding the entire nation to the old and few remaining rural dwellers. Some people still see farming as a poor people's work or are afraid of manual labor. In other countries rich people also own farms where either machineries are used or laborers are employed. Form a group and contribute money to invest in farming. There are many different kinds of farming apart from crop farming: Poultry, Fish etc. It will be a great thing in future, when one visits at least five different families during weekend in Abuja or Lagos Municipal and learnt that, at least one out the five families bread winner has gone to his or her farm in a remote village.

Let's Start A School Together

In life each one of us have different passions. There are some people who's passion is a special love for children's education. They believe children deserve a better educational system than the ones being offered by the school established in their locality. Even some of us who are already teaching in one school or the other discovered that our individual core values are not fully represented in the school we are currently teaching. Or may be you are a graduate or finished secondary school who loves teaching career. Then form a group to start or build that school of your dreams together.

Let's Render A Social Services Together

Render a selfless services for public good today. There could be a dirty public place or indiscriminate refuse dumb site or blocked drainage channel in your area. Organize other concern Nigerians to clean it up. Form a group to visit motherless babies home today.

Let's Suppoprt A Personality For A Political Office

If people who on their own choose to contest for political positions are not delivering the dividend of democracy, we so much desire. Then let us encourage or sponsor certain personalities we think can give us a better representations.

Let's Start Lesson Center Together

If you are a graduate or finished your secondary school, while you are looking for job or admission, you should start WAEC/JAMB lesson center. You can teach chemistry, the other person can teach mathematics and I can teach geography, so what are we waiting for? Let us start a lesson center.

Let's Start A Restaurant Together

In some locations in Nigeria with good population, food business could be a viable option. Food business is sustained only by population. Form a group people and start food business.

Let's Champion A Cause Together

The are so many cause you could form groups to champion for humanity or mother earth e.g. planting of trees, polio eradication or gender equality etc.

Let's Build Shop Together

If there is a particular business location that no shops building is currently available, and you think the location could be viable place for your business. Then form a group of people who will contribute money to build a shop building in the location. And each person in the group will have a shop from the building.

Let's Predict Football Betting Games Together

In Nigeria football betting has become very popular. Life is all about a game of luck. Every time we hear of somebody who just won big money from football betting. We continue betting and wishing that one day soon that person that would win the next big money from betting could be us. So every day we continue to bet, hoping our dreams would come through, but at times just one game cuts it. Now let's form a group and we would be analyzing games fixtures together before we bet.

Let's Support A Football Team Together

Life is about doing things that make us generally happy as a people. Being involve in things that unit us make us a human being. Football is one of man's inventions that has united more people of different races, tribes, religion on the earth. Here you will join other football fans of your club.

Let's Shot A Music Together

The cost of music production and marketing is very high. This makes it difficult for a new musician to afford alone. And not every music producers or marketers would be willing to undertake the job of producing and marketing for person who is not already a reigning music star. So, the best option for up coming musical artists is to form a group together get one producer to shot your musics on the same day. It would be less costly than shooting it alone. Do not grow old with that music potential, show people what you got now.

Let's Shot A Movie Together

Do you see yourself as a person who has the talent of becoming a home movies star? Well, sorry to tell you that in Nigeria talents alone is not enough for you to breaking into industry like Nolly Wood. Connections might be the first thing you need in country like Nigeria, Sometimes you need connections for you to even feature in an audition, where your talent would get you noticed. And if you do not have such connections then do not worry. Just form a group of people interesting in acting movies. You people could discuss plans of shooting a movie together that movie could bring you people to limelight.

Let's Host A Beauty Queen Contest Together

Ladies, do any of you remember ever looking yourself at the mirror and a thought flashed in your mind that if there were a beauty queen contest in your city/town that you would have surely won it. Well you are not alone, because some other girls in city could also share the same feelings. So, let's quit talking, all of you should stage a beauty queen contest challenge. Hot girls in your city should contribute money together to host a beauty queen contest. And get a dispassionate panel of judges and the girls that emerge winners go home with fabulous prizes.

Let's Host A Talent Competition

Amazing talents abound in Nigeria, but there are very few channels for people to express them. Every day our youth continue to work very hard in developing their respective talents whether in singing, dancing, comedy, drama and sports etc. But Nigeria environment never gave the majority of them a chance to show the world what they got. This is the way things have been in Nigeria. But if we want things to happen differently, then we should be ready to start doing things differently. Talented Nigerians should organize a talent competition together.

Let's Host Party Together

Human beings are social creatures. Once a while, we should hang out with some friends to share some bottles of drinks together. social media is gradually separating our coming together physically. Very soon in the future, we might not remember again what it means to have real(physical) friends. Please do not always sit at home chatting with your online friends. Make out time to go out and instead of your going out alone or with few friends to have some drinks, just form a group of people and contribute some money to host a party in your area or town/city.

Let's Form Association Together

Let us expand the network of people in our lives. The next person or group of persons we might meet could change our lives forever positively. In traditional Africa communities, group of people usually come together to form associations with define mutual objectives. There could be something you need that other people have and there could be something other people need that you have. So until we come together nobody solves our problems and we do not solve other people problems either. Start up associations today.

Let's Relocate Together

If you want to relocate to another town/city or you are no longer satisfied living in your current environment. But you cannot financially afford relocating alone or you do not have the time to go and look for accommodation in the new place yourself. Then join one or more people who wish to relocate to your intended choice place to plan on how to relocate. You people could look or pay for accommodation together and live there for a while before securing your respective personal accommodation.

Let's Open Workshop Together

After learning work or apprenticeship, the next challenge for some people is the money to start up their own workshop. So if you cannot raise the money alone to buy necessary materials, tools or machines etc. that your trade demands for you to start operation, then consider joining somebody who learnt the same trade with you and open a joint workshop for now. Instead of presently sitting at home and doing nothing.

Let's Invest In Businnes Together

There are numerous small and medium scale businesses that two or more people could combine their resources to invest in. One benefits of business partnership is that you will have the privilege of acquiring more knowledge from your business partner(s), vice versa. Instead of your immediately rushing out to invest in a particular business alone, join other people to start that kind of business and gain knowledge that would help you management your own when you eventually start it alone.

Let's Embark On Tourist Together

Travelling is part of education, they say. So let us explore the world together and add new information, cultures and environments to enrich our lives experiences. We could dare the world by visiting tourist sites abroad.

Let's Attend Seminar Together

We can easily organise seminars and exchange manuals on how to make money online or offline. Such a seminar can be presented both online and on ground for the betterment of our people


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